Internship with Matari Advertising

I’d worked as a copywriter at Matari Advertising. It was such a great experience! I’ve been having a big interest in advertising agency. I think advertising is cool, it’s kinda masterpieces where arts and business collide. The art in advertising gives you senses of aesthetics while the business intentions prosecute you to be smart and focus.

It wasn’t easy at all to get into what clients had demanded (which is dynamically change through time), what the account service people had suggested, and what creative team had wanted to communicate through the art of visual, audio, and of course, the copy. I’ve learned how to cooperate, how  to handle my feelings and attitude when my ideas had not been accepted, how to present, and how to execute advertisements and some others marketing communication tools (Above the line/ online and below the line/ offline).

I was involved in creating marketing communication tools for Konicare, Vita Jelly Drink, Vita Momo, Oops Wafer Keju, etc. Mostly, they were TV commercials. But I also handled below the line communications for a tv program (as a script editor), designed brochures for baby products and an exclusive housing area.

Thanks to Matari Advertising for giving me a wonderful chance to learn and feel the world of Advertising Agency. Since I had favourited this agency, I took my final college project by analyzing one of Matari’s masterpiece: the ads campaign of Teh Botol Sosro (before Dentsu took  the contract).

Me and one of the Creative teams

Having fun in the Photography Studio

4 Responses to “Internship with Matari Advertising”
  1. JB says:

    Hi, I’m an expat journalist working in Indonesia and preparing a feature about the advertising industry here. Since Matari is one of the most important actor in this business I’d like to talk to them. Who should I contact there? Are there any communication and PR departments? Thanks a lot

  2. richal says:

    hii, it’s nice to know ur stories during internship program at Matahari Advertising. can u help me, how can if i want to do the internship program there?
    thanks for ur info 🙂

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